"good good write"
"At that time"
"I would have escaped class""
"In supermarket shelf put art work must clean empty one all"
"When I want put drawings blur blur" "Have person already drew"
"On the day he said the painter has not been very good in 10 years"
"There grew some hair in my hand"
"Draw flower flower draw until not wanting to draw flower"
"Draw flower flower draw until not wanting to draw flower"
My Dream of Art is my Bachelor project in 2018 where I made dreams about art and recorded them in this paper house. It was made like the Art building in my university. Maybe it is not alike enough it is difficult to recognized. There are dreams full of desire, jealousy, frustration, system, power, art institute, etc. Now (2021) I re-visited these notes through my laptop and I can't read all of them. If you ask me, maybe it is nice to make a video about it, which is not that materialized but I still feel lucky I tried to trace the texture of dreams through a media that I cannot keep the dreams 100%. (The documentation is still going-on)
(Many words "朱" in response to what the teacher said no one is writing Chinese calligraphy in this way)
"I made interesting form why don't I have award"
"You is have art craft sense"
"again is one small building shopping mall eating art exhibition together building"
"You is have art craft sense"
"...I came?"
"Last I have learn...?



"Everything is good...?"
"I tried to explain to the curator how I can do better"
"My hand taking the (application)form (I) know this is a chance"
"Gallery boss he likes is just like this I got an award is fine"
"Lukas said he in red saw black"
"want in darkness draw draw"

"learn Chinese culture"

My teacher said, "no one writes Chinese calligraphy" in this way

"...? Chinese culture?"

"At that time I only watch them having award doawstairs"

I made a hole in the house so as to see my friend's Ki's printmake.

"We are in Mr Chow portrait class but I brought there a sweet potato flower"