To visit the old house with the eyeball?
How I Met the Eyeball is a book about the project, "It Has to be Alone, It Has to Be Apart", it started with Tam's encountering leftover from a house re-construction site. A plaster with flowing blue droplets alludes to the imagination of the plaster as a house fragment, which was once containing the memory of the house, left in the trash crying. “A pair of eyeballs” in a distorted form, which usually happens after one crying a lot, came to her mind, bringing her to revisit the old house that we could no longer recognize it.

In the old house, a black and white window with a curtain flying and dying plants tell you one is no longer living there. Restlessly laying around, paper made British-Hong Kong coins are also flying, flipping up and down as if the memory comes and goes. Looking into the photo frame where images of the coins display, it asks: I did not ask you to come by, why did you. The only thing that stands still perhaps is a mirror. Covered with droplets, it lost its reflection to see oneself clearly but only a crying eyeball.

To visit the home, one has to choose. To settle down, one may have to cut themselves into half, one for the longing past, another half for the insecure future. Heading to the cloud and looking through the window, one may discover the light that casts the shadow of the window. There writes: the moon is shining on the sea, we are heading to it, why is it not shining on us?